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Why Try Color-Light Therapy

Color by definition is simply “light” of varying wavelengths, and as such is a form of energy. Each color has its own specific wavelength and vibration; this is light energy, color energy. Color therapists address the changes in vibration that cause stress on the body. Each, organ, gland, and part of the body has a set vibrational frequency. Stress may cause this frequency to change. This change in vibration may eventually lead to dis-ease. Color therapists will treat the body with various color vibrations, reducing stress on the mind, body, spirit and emotions. In return, this induces, health.

Here Are Some Benefits of Color-Light Therapy.

1. Color healing instills a sense of calm and peace and brings mind body harmony.

2. Color balances energy flow and regulates Chi or Prana, removing blockages in our chakras.

3. Colors help heal aches and pains in joints to promote mobility, relieving pain from inflammation.

4. Colors can decrease production of stress hormones, relaxing and calming the nervous system, relieving tension.

5. Color therapy rests the mind. It reduces symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, anxiety, and depression.

6. Color healing improves focus, alertness, awareness and concentration.

7. Colors can reduce anxiety and panic attacks.

8. Colors also enhance productivity, stimulating, inspiring and energizing us.

9. Colors cheer you up, and give you a boost of energy, increasing your drive and motivation.

10. It’s also great for your skin. It improves microcirculation, stimulates collagen fibers, strengthens tones, and promotes the body’s regeneration process.

So the next time you get some free time, simply send me a message or drop me a line. Book a Color-Light consultation and session, and literally breathe in its healing properties. Connect with color time and again and see how it improves your mood and, ultimately, your life!

Fee: $80

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