Go After What You Want

Life is too short to be ruled by your fears, and too long for you not to take a chance.

Go after what you want. Don’t overthink, don’t overanalyze and cloud your thoughts with doubts or what if scenarios and fears of failure. When you don’t try, you have already failed.

While you are waiting to make your move, somebody else has already made theirs.
The job, the house, the presentation the body, the girl/ guy, opportunity, freedom, success etc. Whatever it is, make your move. Take a risk, if it doesn’t work out at first that’s ok, setbacks happen. Try again and again and again. Don’t give up, don’t give in. You are worth it.

Remember to keep on pushing forward. If you want something quitting is not an option. No more excuses, procrastinating and putting things off. Don’t waste time until you think you are ready. Most of us aren’t. Go for it anyway. Take a deep breath a leap of faith, and believe in yourself.

As Wayne Gretzky once said “You miss 100%of the shots you don’t take”.

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