Holding Space With Loving Awareness and Compassion

If I could have any super power in the universe, it would be to hold the worlds hurt and struggles in my love and embrace and make all of the injustices and pain just disappear.

My super powers would be able to absorb it all and it would be forever extinguished. This is a childhood dream and wish I had since I was a little girl. I would open my hands, hold them out, accepting all willing and lovingly, and making the worlds woes magically vanish.

The last couple of years especially I have been praying to somehow be able to do more, be more, affect more, change more. To somehow be able to Mother the world so tightly and protectively, that no harm of any kind could ever touch it or any of it’s inhabitants in any way.

Mothering is something I’ve been told I do well, or perhaps I have a Goddess complex. Who knows. In any case, today was a day I would have given anything to be able to do that for someone.

All I could do was to sit and hold, someone in loving awareness and compassion, bearing witness to their pain, and help them to feel and honor their emotions with respect and loving awareness for themselves.

No words, no judgements, no promises or solutions. Just two hearts beating as one, with an unspoken understanding that they were not alone. That it was a safe place to be vulnerable, raw and utterly shattered.

No matter how dark, how challenging, how ugly, that the pain and burden could be shared spiritually in such a way, that the weight of it seemed a little lighter, the anguish perhaps a little lesser.

Sometimes that’s all we can do, and in that moment it’s everything to someone and it’s enough.

Holding space in loving awareness and compassion. This is a super power we can all learn to have.

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