Marie Mady

Marie Mady RCRT (Registered Licensed Certified Reflexology Therapist), ICT (Integrative Complimentary Therapist) ECE (Early Childhood Educator) has a background in early childhood education and psychology.

Early on in her education and in her life, community service and people were always a very big part of her identity and passion.  She volunteered at the Royal Victoria Hospital throughout her senior high school years, college and early university years, both at the  Geriatrics ward on 8 Medical as well as at the Alan Memorial. This time supporting and caring for the patients, their families and staff helped to develop both her character, identity and resolve.  She made it her life’s journey to make a difference in her community and all those she had the good fortune of encountering and assisting in one manner or another. Whether it was volunteering alongside Head and Hands Organization in N.D.G., Low Income Housing with Arnold Bennett, Protected refuges, Women’s shelters or local Food banks she was immersed in it all.

Today Marie still shares her time and resources through her outreach and social programs, while continuing to blend her many years of experience and knowledge in education with holistic healing arts offering treatment sessions, workshops, courses and hosting conferences for various organizations.

As an Educator, Certified Reflexologist and Integrative Complimentary therapist, she specializes in treating mainstream persons with various conditions as well as children and adults with special and particular needs of all ages.

Her personal experience in caring for persons with mental health issues and various intellectual or physical disabilities has made her uniquely capable of understanding the realities and challenges that these persons and their families face on a daily basis.  This first hand experience as both a private individual and worker has given her the insight, determination and creativity to offer compassionate care and support in a very unique manner through the development of certain programs such as A.I.R (TM). Adaptive Integrative Reflexology to support and offer additional resources for educators, healthcare professionals and therapists as well as persons with specific and particular challenges and their caregivers.

Clients are encouraged and guided to assume a pro-active approach based on a partnership. They are not merely participants in the process but engaged individuals taking responsibility for their sessions, healing process and overall well-being. This respectful client-focused approach promotes a sense of empowerment, personal growth and a strong sense of self.