This page is dedicated to your physical, spiritual, emotional wellness, empowerment, and personal  growth. I have listed below, my favourite community resources to offer you hope  in your healing journey. Please join me in supporting our local practitioners who dedicate their time and effort in this time of global awareness in the healing arts.

This list will continue to be expanded, so we invite you to check in regularly. Certified Online Coach and Weight loss Specialist –

Being overweight and unhealthy for the majority of my life made me unhappy with who I was and what I saw looking in the mirror. So, I decided to take control and make a positive change. Through my consistent hard work and dedication, and applying a decade of knowledge on training and nutrition, I transformed my body and my life.

YOU can do the same and transform yourself! Take that leap of faith with me and become a more improved stronger version of yourself both physically and mentally.

Whether you’re advanced, intermediate or just getting started,  I promise that I can and will help you achieve your goals, and guide you along your path to success and living a better life. Are you ready for the new YOU? Intuition & Connection Coach – I help you declutter all areas of your life – Give you insight with my intuitive abilities and set up a step by step action plan to better your life.

Lovely Lotus Spirit Artist:  Christina Karamalis is a creative, an intuitive, a medium, spiritual a teacher and artist. Her unique abilities shower her clients with hope, support and unconditional love from Source.

La Luz Therapy Lucy Toppetta, is a Reiki Grandmaster and practices in the West Island of Montreal. She offers a unique meditation gathering called Healing Song Guided Meditation where she channels vocal melodic vibrations as a sound therapy.

AMI-Quebec: Action on Mental Illness helps families manage the effects of mental illness through support, education, guidance and advocacy. Their programs are free.
Irene Andrejczuk, Naturopathic Doctor and Trauma Counselor: Irene’s primary goal  is to seek the underlying cause of physical and emotional imbalance, and provide individualized treatment through a variety of healing modalities and remedies. She works with women of all stages of health, from chronic illnesses and acute conditions, and those who would like to “Optimize” their physical and mental well-being and live a life full of joy and vitality.