Step Up Program for Families

When Passion Meets Service Meets Community

MISSION: To make available, quality care and natural holistic therapies for the betterment and well being of all persons, regardless of their socio economic background. All programs and services are available for both mainstream persons and persons with various abilities and /or particular needs. Community service and people have always been a very big part of my identity and passion.

With this in mind I created the STEP UP PROGRAM that I introduced through my former preschool 20 years ago. It made various services available to low income and vulnerable persons, as well as protected refugees. This social mission and program continues to this day through Marie Mady Holistic Therapies.

The goal of the step up program is to provide support, encouragement, empowerment, and services to a part of the population that otherwise would not have access to quality holistic therapies and services. This is a discreet service and program based on trust, integrity, respect and genuine care.

2% of my annual earnings from Marie Mady Holistic Therapies will go towards supporting food security, mental health, and women’s shelters through local organizations. Special fundraising events will be held yearly and also during World Reflexology Week to bring awareness to the plight of poverty, food security and mental illness. Challenges will be issued to other therapists in our communities to join in the fun and awareness campaign.

For more information, please contact me using the form below or call me at 438-936-0465

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