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“Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you won’t do anything with it.” – M. Scott Peck, “The Road Less Traveled

Welcome to Marie Mady Holistic Therapies. With my time I have created this site and Holistic adventure with you in mind. It is as much a gift of love and compassion as it is of service, resource and support for you. We are so thrilled that you have come to pay a visit to Marie Mady Holistic Therapies.

Our journey began a very long time ago, with integrative programs created specifically for my inclusive and adaptive daycare. The wellness programs that began in our classrooms with our children, their families and our staff, quickly grew into outreach and wellness programs servicing greater members of our communities. We integrated our services into schools, senior residences, community centers, palliative care residences, and residences for persons with S.E.N.Ds, offering talks, training and resources.

Providing the very best in quality care in an INCLUSIVE and ADAPTIVE manner to ALL persons, regardless of their circumstances, has always been at the forefront of our minds. Our commitment to offering the best in holistic and complimentary therapies, as well as educational and training programs to our community here in the West Island and beyond, remains our highest priority.

Globally as well as locally, many of us are seeking more natural and holistic methods and resources to heal our achy bodies, our depleted spirits, tired souls, restless minds, raw emotions and overwhelmed lives.

Tapping into the well of old techniques and giving them a modern appeal is our strength. Through various complimentary services, therapies, workshops and educational programs, our goal is to help you tap into your wellness, empowerment, and inner resources. Through our proactive approach, we support and encourage you to realize your potential and all that is possible for you. We are always stretching and nurturing ourselves to learn and grow alongside you, to the very best that we can be. We look forward to supporting you along your journey into wellness, empowerment and personal growth.

Nous sommes ravis que vous soyez venus rendre visite à Marie Mady Thérapies Holistiques. Notre parcours a commencé il y a très longtemps, mais cette phase nouvelle et passionnante visant à rejoindre notre communauté en grand nombres ne fait que commencer. Notre engagement à offrir les meilleures thérapies holistiques et complémentaires à notre communauté ici dans l’ouest de l’île et au-delà, notamment la réflexologie des mains et des pieds, le massage indien à la tête, la chromothérapie et les ateliers d’autonomisation – pour ne citer que quelques exemples, reste notre priorité numéro un.

À l’échelle mondiale et locale, beaucoup d’entre nous recherchent des méthodes plus naturelles et holistiques pour guérir nos corps endoloris, nos esprits épuisés et nos âmes fatiguées. Tirer des techniques anciennes et leur donner un attrait moderne est notre force. 

Explorer les techniques anciennes et leur donner un attrait moderne est notre force. A travers divers services complémentaires, thérapies et ateliers. Notre objectif est de vous aider à exploiter votre bien-être, l’autonomisation et développement personnel.

Nous espérons que vous trouverez quelque chose à apprécier parmi tous nos services. Au plaisir de vous servir!

6 thoughts on “Welcome / Bienvenue!”

  1. I really loved Marie’s reflexology class and got a lot out of it and can’t wait to start offering this new service! Thank you for caring so much about your students and really taking the time to help us! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


  2. Thank you so much, Marie Mady, for a wonderful Reflexology course!
    When I started the course and I saw the foot map. I told you that there’s no way that I can memorize all the reflex’s and glands on the feet within 2 months!
    You believe in me and told me you’ll do well trust yourself.
    I finally did it! Thanks for your support and your guidance. The zoom course was never dull moment with funny jokes that made the course fun and enjoyable. Your a wonderful teacher.


    1. My Pleasure Filomena, I’m so pleased you enjoyed the class. Learning should be fun and informative. Always believe in yourself. You presented remarkable work , you earned your success. Congratulations!


  3. Thank you so much, Marie Mady, for a amszing Reflexology course!
    Initially i wasn’t interested learning reflexology,after awhile i motivated to practice more because of your attractive teaching.
    Now I’m working on my clients and some times they surprise of my performance.
    Thanks for your support and your guidance,also your positive energy surrounding in the classes.


  4. Thank you Milad, you are so very welcome. I’m so pleased to know that you and your clients are enjoying your new skills. I’d work with you anytime. Congratulations!


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I have no words to express what I experienced with Marie.  I made an appointment not knowing exactly what I needed, or what to expect.  My body has gone through a lot since I lost my mother – from sadness to anxiety, and many other feelings that are very difficult to describe. And here Marie intervened with a polarity session… how did she discover them? How did she know how I feel? How did she understand my body and my mind only through the energy that I transmit???? It was a magical experience, an experience that elevates you, purifies you, aligns you….out of her hands, you come out as a newborn.  I recommend her with all of my heart ❤


I DJ weddings and parties, so I’m up on my feet for many hours. Started getting really bad foot pain. Met Marie and scheduled an appointment, she is amazing, not only did she help relieve my foot pain, after the session, I felt very relaxed. She takes the time to find out what is going on. You can tell she loves what she does and truly enjoys helping people. If you are in pain, have stress, I highly recommend going to see her.


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