Earth Day

Let’s celebrate our beautiful planet everyday.

Restore, reuse, repurpose and rebirth a new way of living and existing as we help to heal the wounds of our planet.

As you go for your daily stroll today or tomorrow,  purposefully notice the smells, textures, feel and communication of the life energy beneath, above and around you. What does it whisper to you? How do you respond?

Plant new seeds of growth within you and around you. Create a little herb garden on a window sill, balcony, or yard. Plant a tree, a few shrubs, grow some vegetables or fruits. Plant and cultivate your own ‘pharmacy’.

Enjoy the scenery, the mountains, the fields, the waters, the terrain and all the different sentient beings that inhabit and call this planet home.

Go on a nature’s scavenger hunt. Take pictures of the changes you notice around you as the season unfolds.
What do the leaves and blooms look like? Rough and prickly? Smooth and fragrant?  Have you noticed any types of berries or fruits beginning to take form? Do the trees around you produce pinecones or acorns,? What does the ground beneath your feet feel like? Is it dark or light, sandy or rocky, is it cold and covered by snow? Have the geese come home? The ducks returned? Are the birds plentiful and singing their sweet songs in harmony? What is blooming in your world?

Write a poem, story or create a song or painting about what you have uncovered along your path. What have you discovered along your nature’s stroll today?

Enjoy a Free printable scavenger hunt sheet for your next spring walk with your little ones, or not so little ones, in honor of Earth Day.

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