June’s Full Moon the Strawberry Moon

Tonight’s full moon in June, marks the last full moon of the spring season and the first full moon of the summer season.

Full moons are times to release and purge whatever holds you back, keeps you small and binds you to a life of less than. A time to let go of all that is not in alignment with your highest good.

Let this full moon in Capricorn ignite the fires within and remind you of who you truly are. Time to stand firmly in your power.

Tonight, as you look to the skies and breathe in the fresh night air into your lungs, fill them with promise, hope, courage and goodness in all ways, as you exhale the old stories that no longer serve you.

Make that call under the light and beauty of this magical full moon, June’s Strawberry Moon. Believe the light of the full moon will illuminate for you all that is holding you to prisoner to a life of less than.

A full moon Call

* Release attachment to outcome. Become an active, present participant, and witness along your journey.

* Release that which is not yours to carry. Other people’s baggage, behaviors.

* Release any and all obstacles to your growth. It’s time to shine.

* Release limiting beliefs that keep you small.

* Release fears and doubts that prevent you from knowing what is possible for you.

* Release toxic relationships that feed on you like a cancer.

* Release pain, suffering, guilt, shame, to further your transformation.

* Release undigested emotions stuck inside you, that affect your wellness.

* Release negative patterns of thinking and self talk that sabotage your development.

* Release addictions and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Embrace higher vibrations and manifest higher visions for yourself dear friends.

May tonight’s full moon be as sweet for you in all areas of your life as it’s name. 🍓🌚🌟❤️



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