My New Partner


Today I am very proud and honored to be sharing a very special resource with you.
A special partner and young man I have dreamt of working with professionally for quite sometime.

We have been in sync for quite sometime, completing each others thoughts, sentences. Sharing an intuitive connection knowing what the other needs without a spoken word between us.

He has the same genuine passion for helping people that I do, and he is quite a remarkable young man if I say so myself in many ways. Truly an intuitive and heart based human and practitioner.

I’m very excited to introduce my new partner and resource buddy…

His name is Brandon Mady. There is no coincidence in the name. He is the youngest of my three sons, and he is an online coach and certified weight loss specialist. Good physical health begins with good mental health.

With Brandon’s guidance, knowledge, and expertise,  you focus on what you can change, your actions and your behaviors. You will work alongside a non judgmental, supportive  professional who will help you take responsibility for your own actions and behaviours, keeping you focused, accountable and on track. A young man of integrity and honor.

You will make yourself a priority, renewing your confidence in yourself, developing your physical and mental resolve, moving from a powerless mindset to an empowered mindset.

Many people today are enticed with the quick and easy way of doing things. They spend time and money on quick fix weekend forums and trainings.

A weekend training will definitely tell you what you don’t have, however it will NOT help you develop anything close to what you truly need for long lasting life changing transformation to take place.

Self mastery, self empowerment, self realization takes consistency, discipline, focus and time. Invest in your short term and long term health goals and contact Brandon today.

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