Autumn has always been my favorite season. I love this beautiful time of year as it
bursts with splendid colors, flavors, creativity, nostalgia, possibilities and magic.

I’ve always felt my most beautiful, vibrant, creative, imaginative, capable, confident during this time of year.

I am grateful for the sweet surrender of the season, the nostalgic memories of the past, as I embrace new rituals, stories, creations, possibilities that lay before me.

I’m looking forward to this season of contemplation, reflection, peacefulness, and of course inevitable magical possibilities.

Enjoy this short magnificent season. Be an active and present participant of your life. It’s not enough to observe life, you must savour it, live it, feel it fully, completely.

Fall in love with yourselves again, who you are, where you want to be on your journey, and plant the seeds to make things happen. Put your energies, thoughts and efforts into yourselves.

Put self-care on the top of your list this season. Let Autumn be a reminder for you to surrender, accept, and embrace life, death and rebirth again. Lovingly let go of people, thoughts, situations, stories, that no longer nourish, support, feed, reflect, or accept who you are today, who and where you want to be tomorrow.

Time to embrace the splendor of who you are. The essence of your uniqueness, your soul. Hold out your arms wide open to receive the opportunities of the season. Breathe new life, energy, vitality, vision, creativity, imagination, spirit, inspiration, hope into your stories as you plant new seeds along your journey.

Many Blessings for a vibrant and magical Autumn Equinox.
Love and Light ❤️✨Marie


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