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Self-help Tips for Anxiety

If you or a loved one are struggling with anxiety I have listed a few self help points below that my clients have seen results with.


  • Anxiety is best overcome by confronting fears rather than by avoiding them. However, confronting fears NEEDS TO BE
    The earlier fears are confronted, the sooner the person will get better.

*Learn and practice daily relaxation methods to reduce
Physical symptoms of tension.

*Reduce caffeine intake to 300mg or less per day.

*Get regular exercise.

*Engage in leisure time and pleasurable activities.

*Get enough sleep.

*Learn and practice controlled breathing methods (slow, relaxed breathing) to reduce physical symptoms of anxiety, fear, and panic. Avoid breathing too deeply or rapidly (hyperventilation) as this can cause physical symptoms of panic.

*Identify and challenge exaggerated worries and pessimistic thoughts.

*Accept that avoiding feared situations allows anxiety or fear to grow even stronger.

  • Follow a set of specific steps to help overcome fear or phobia.

*Use evidence-based anxiety websites or self help books.

  • Talk about your anxiety problems with other people at self-help groups. *It can be hard to use self help strategies but they can be very successful.

Be gentle, kind and patient with yourself. These are challenging times but you don’t need to go through them alone.

I have a background in education and psychology and training with the Mental Health Commission of Canada in Mental Health First Aid.

Please reach out to me if I may be of service.

Love and Light ❤️🌟

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