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Self-help Tips for Anxiety

If you or a loved one are struggling with anxiety I have listed a few self help points below that my clients have seen results with. KEY POINTS ABOUT SELF-HELP FOR ANXIETY: Anxiety is best overcome by confronting fears rather than by avoiding them. However, confronting fears NEEDS TO BEDONE IN A SAFE MANNER.The earlier… Continue reading Self-help Tips for Anxiety

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Why Try Color-Light Therapy

Color by definition is simply "light" of varying wavelengths, and as such is a form of energy. Each color has its own specific wavelength and vibration; this is light energy, color energy. Color therapists address the changes in vibration that cause stress on the body. Each, organ, gland, and part of the body has a… Continue reading Why Try Color-Light Therapy

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The Positive Impact of Nature & Outdoor Treatment Sessions

Adaptive Integrative Reflexology. Working and thinking outside the box. My clients are used to me taking their treatment sessions out of the office, and several have become accustomed to my adding field trips (parks, bird sanctuaries, trampoline fun, aqua-therapy, lavender fields etc) to their treatment plans. Although most field trips are planned, there's a lot… Continue reading The Positive Impact of Nature & Outdoor Treatment Sessions