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The Positive Impact of Nature & Outdoor Treatment Sessions

Adaptive Integrative Reflexology. Working and thinking outside the box. My clients are used to me taking their treatment sessions out of the office, and several have become accustomed to my adding field trips (parks, bird sanctuaries, trampoline fun, aqua-therapy, lavender fields etc) to their treatment plans. Although most field trips are planned, there's a lot… Continue reading The Positive Impact of Nature & Outdoor Treatment Sessions

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Springboard to My Best Life Extended Vision Board Workshop

Are you leading the life you imagined or are your dreams buried beneath daily struggles and obligations? If you were to snap your fingers right now, where would you be and what would you be doing? Visualisation has been proven over and over to be one of the most powerful tools we have to make our goals come true. Get clarity by creating your own vision board and create a life that inspires you.