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The Positive Impact of Nature & Outdoor Treatment Sessions

Adaptive Integrative Reflexology. Working and thinking outside the box.

My clients are used to me taking their treatment sessions out of the office, and several have become accustomed to my adding field trips (parks, bird sanctuaries, trampoline fun, aqua-therapy, lavender fields etc) to their treatment plans.

Outdoor Session at St. Zotique Beach

Although most field trips are planned, there’s a lot of joy and fun to be had in spontaneity. Today was such a day.

I had only one appointment today, with a client that’s been having a particularly difficult time of late, so when I suggested a couple of hours at the beach my clients eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.

There’s no denying the positive impact green space and blue space have on our overall health and well being. The connection and benefits are numerous and instantaneous. Nature and bodies of water are soothing, therapeutic and calming.

My client and I have had some good and productive sessions in the past, but this one was by far the best according to them. My client felt calm, relaxed, happy and grateful for my time.

As we were returning to the city, they said they were looking for clarity and today they found it while meditating by the water at St. Zotique beach.

Never underestimate the positive influence of nature or the quality and impact your time has on your clients well being. Think outside of the box.  Or better yet, get rid of the box altogether.  If circumstances permit, don’t be afraid to be unconventional, spontaneous, and try something new. Most of all be present with your client, give them your time and undivided attention when they are with you, and let them know they matter.

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